Basically, I am a very lousy person. I always used to prepare for anything at the last moment, some of my batch mates have been asking me for days for the trip, but I kept them dodging. One morning one of them finally called me and asked whether I am coming or not. I was shocked that today is the day. I have not thought that it will arrive so early; I somehow managed to do the last moment planning and get off.

Even my trip planning had some limits budget wise; the only vacation spot that was under my budget was to go for Christmas was Las Vegas. I did the web check in at the last moment too. I checked the online coupons for discounted dinners and booze, although my friend would have done it. But I do not really on them with closed eyes, bit of a cynical nature.

Getting there, I saw all the free shows as I was low with the budget, I saw fountains, Fremont Street, Circus, Christmas lights and decorations everywhere, street dancers and parades as well, and oh how can I forget there were house bands too. Everything was going quite smooth, I was quite happy with my management skill and last minutes planning.

Next moment, we were on a land based casino playing hard and you all what they say about it, gambling wins and losses. I was not doing quite well, but one of mate was. so I decided to just watch him over for some time. And that is what the smart people do. After sometime I decided to switch my slot game. This time I played the clash clans the orthodox game which is for those who do not want to really concentrate on the game. Actually this one is quite simple too and I really made some buck afterwards on it, had an amazing Christmas night.