As we all must have faced this phobia in our childhood, but I had the great influence of my elder sibling they used to tell me the stories, some made up and some from the movie of 1986. They used to tell me those ghost stories that got stuck in my head for a very very long time. I remember a story where my naughty cousin could have popped my heart out, at that time in our old house we had this basement room underneath the floor, dad used to keep it haunted to store things barely used, mostly junk and some gyms machines.

And one day my elder sibling thought of making me scare, in order to do so they made some giant footprints entering the room, but there were no marks of exiting, so at first they just showed me the Bigfoot steps and told me that he comes here to workout with the equipment and said today we are going to sneak up on him. Firstly I refused but they that they are just right behind, this is how they made me enter in the room and locked me inside. I really got badly scared and got fever the same day. My brothers were really pathetic that time. After that I searched in the internet about the movie and seen its trailer, the cast was also pathetic and did not go well with the book story, even the book was more haunted and the review on imdb was not that good too, just 4 ratings.