How can you define a very unlucky day. You are going for spending some free time for holiday far from the rush and fast running life of the city. You decided all of these things and you left for the railway station, but due to traffic jam you missed your train. And you have to wait at the station for 5 hours for the next train. All of these incidents and instances happened to me last summer. I was too much tired of the daily work and desperately need to spend some spare time in the mountains of New Zealand. So, I planned my trip to the hill station.I left my house for the railway station because I want to experience the scenic beauty of nature by traveling with them. I did not want to miss that opportunity by traveling from the airplane. I left my home in a taxi, but found the traffic jam and due to this, lots of time was wasted. I reached late at the station and my train left the station. I had to wait for 5 hours for the next train to the desired destination. I was sitting in the waiting room and thinking that way, everything unfortunate with me.

I found a guy sitting beside me and he also missed his train. He was playing an online game over his cell phone. I talked him about that play, he was playing. He told me that he is playing Lotsaloot and it is full of fun and enjoyment and you can also get a chance to win a very big jackpot. He explained me all the playing rules and regulations and the website he was using as a platform.

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After getting all the information I also decided to try my luck. I reached that website and found that there are two versions of the play. The versions are about 3-slot and 5-slot. I started trying my luck over the three reel version. This is a progressive slot play. You can win 25 coins of the every coin you made a bet. They also provided me free bonus at the start of the time. I used this bonus and played it till the time of the next train. I am not that much lucky to win the lots of money, but I enjoyed a lot and had a way to pass that unfortunate time. It provided me lots of fun and enjoyment to spend that time.