There are many existing Australian online casinos, but one is currently available that is causing a sensation;this due to a new game that causes a lot of excitement and fun since September 10. This amazing game is called “Wild Tome of the Woods,” released by Quickspin.

Quickspin, could not wait any longer to make this release. They were weeks of anxiety waiting for this moment, after conducting several interviews that were published in the Swedish platforms and others such as the Playtech subsidiary. In this year 2019, the release of the 10th slot by this company will give much to talk about.

What is behind this game?

A first preview of the game has been released by Quickspin and is now available to all finish players. This game was designed through an arduous process for the better development of each character and the plot of the story.

Bjarne Gronnevik, director of this company, argued that the main purpose of this game was to get a recreation of an environment that inspires only fun, to satisfy the players, who mostly seek to sit down and have a happy time.

Artist Michael Spinks created wild Tome of the Woods and points out that this game is full of personality. Also, this game needed to convey happiness, which is why it took so long for its creative process.

Something similar to a Sherwood Forest full of magic was Spinks’ first idea for the creation of this game. And to get every detail, it was thorough in each graphic and each element, through the software of different types. Also, he loves being able to recreate plots that have been exposedto books or movies through the web.

The main base of the Wild Tome of the Woods

To achieve the necessary experience in this game, it is necessary to play several times in a row.

A forest with a leafy oak is the main stage of this game. Also, it is accompanied by a wonderful sun that is reflected through the treetops, thus giving a lot of brightness, although most of the plot remains in a dark-looking scene.

To make you feel at ease, the musical background is very soft and is accompanied by the sounds emitted by birds of various species. The prettiest are the woodpeckers since they peck the wood and make a very peculiar sound. To keep the scene full of magic, the triangular instrument is also very well used with the soundtrack.

To be different from other online casino games, this game brings 26 betting lines in the middle of 6 reels. To enter the action, players must perform 4×6 sets of symbols that take over the screen. By original bet, you can get a maximum win of 1,000, which is why players do not want to take off from this reel that offers 96.28% as theoretical payment.

How are the payments in Wild Tome of the Woods?

There are some forms of payment that are governed by bets made for lower amounts. There are a variety of symbols, and to win the bet, you need to make a line with six of these in a bet line. The minimum bet amount is $0.01 per spin.

Each symbol is equivalent as follows:

  • Owl: $1.60
  • Fox: $1.00
  • Newt: $0.50
  • Wild Gold Box: $2.00
  • Red potion bottle: $0.30
  • Green potion bottle: $0.20
  • Orange potion bottle: $0.30

Although the lowest bet is for an amount of $0.01 per spin, you can also place this minimum bet for other low or some bad high amounts that can vary between $0.25 and $50.00. You can bet with an amount of $100.00 per spin; this is the maximum bet.

These are the outstanding characteristics of Wild Tome of the Woods

The volume, at first glance, can be observed at the beginning of the game that is characterized by the main symbol.

You will see a bright light every time a reel opens,and the Wild Tome of the Woods appears. The goal is to reveal a symbol that matches the one that appears on the screen in advance, and then go from symbols to deserts.

The substitution of one symbol for another will be done through the change that will be observed in the plot of the game, while a wild ending is transformed into another wild Take, and thus this wild action will move forward to cause more emotion.

To get the maximum prize of 1000 x bet, you must fill the entire network with the largest number of wild regions. This goal is achieved if you are focused on the game and pending the way the reels are stacked.

When the reels are stacked with a symbol, they will hit one after the other. In this way, the moment of the turns will become more intense,and achieving victory on each reel will become more exciting.

One of the disadvantages of Wild Tome of the Woods is that it does not have free spins or bonus rounds. The biggest bonus you can get is if you get a set of 4×6 symbols.

This is not all information about taking Wild from the Woods, there is even more,and if you are a pokies player, you need to know that this game is designed especially for you, that you are looking for an exciting time in the middle of these slots.

There is a proposal to add the novel to this game, by Quickspin to make it more fun, and that the player in the middle of the forest can take on more challenges while playing.